MPGI came into existence in the year 1995 under the aegis of Shri Ram Singh Bhadauria with a vision of turning it into an institution par excellence that would be reckoned in the field of education. With the determination and belief that the organization would prove out to be the most ideal source of skilled and qualified professionals in the field of education and there was no looking back.

Our journey started with success being our landmark, learning our quest and our future objective to create a niche I the educational field. We take enormous pride in our accomplishments of being renowned as a promising source of appropriate, mechanical as well as management manpower in the growing education industry.In our chase for excellence, we at MPGI struggle to inculcate great leadership attributes in our students. We believe in directing students on a fresh path and:


the students to be victorious leaders as well as successful team players by developing their knowledge, self-belief and originality towards a violent zeal for attaining results.



students with innovative thoughts, new dreams, new objectives and furnish them for a systematic and a reasoned outlook for quick decision making in the ever altering Indian and global environments.


students' attitudes to plan, structure, unravel and execute solutions to intricate technical & management issues.


the candidates find out their dormant characteristics, unemployed strength and promise so that they acquire the vigor to be able to set the top goals for life and attain them.


in the candidates the skill of human engineering that takes in the essential qualities of being kind with the people, appreciative of human behavioral style and inspiration techniques in a cross-educational and multi-dimensional environment.


all the special courses that are incessantly budding and improving, in both perspective and structure, and concentrates on the ideas and ability that is fundamental to success in the Telecom Industry.

In our nation, we have enormous talent. All that is needed is to steer and fetch out the best of it through the best quality education. Thus, what is of supreme importance is to produce international links by combining the highly developed knowledge and contemporary technological paraphernalia of the West with traditional Indian values, ethnicity and legacy of the East.

This aim can be achieved by the students who are determined to make it big, the diligent and meticulous staff, incredibly designed curriculum and optimum infrastructure that make MPGI perhaps the best in UP today.


MPGI commenced its journey in the year 1995 with a mission to provide wholesome and quality education to the nation's youth. The group has made a tremendous contribution in this regard and has crossed many milestones till date.



1996 - Established Maharana Pratap Education Centre (MPEC), at Sharda Nagar Kanpur, an English medium public school affiliated to the UP Board.

1997 - MPEC became the first college in Kanpur to offer hostel and day boarding facilities.

1997 - Statue of Maharana Pratap inaugurated by honourable Ex Prime Minister of India, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

1999 - Established Maharana Pratap Engineering College, the first private Engineering College of Kanpur.

2001 - Established its second branch of Public School at Indrapuri, Kanpur which is affiliated to the ICSE Board.

2004 - Commenced with two post graduate courses i.e. MBA & MCA which are running at Kothi, Mandhana, Kanpur.

2004 - Established a 100 bed multi specialty hospital at Kothi, Mandhana.

2005 - Established its third branch of Public School at Keshavpuram, Kanpur, which is affiliated to the CBSE board.

2005 - Established Maharana Pratap Dental College & Hospital.

2005 - Established Maharana Pratap College of Pharmacy.

2007 - Established Maharana Pratap College of Management & Information Technology.

2008 - Established Maharana Institute of Professional Studies, Kalyanpur, Bithoor Road, Kanpur.

2008 - Established Maharana Institute of Technology & Sciences, Mohanlalganj, Lucknow.

2008 - Established Maharana Institute of Communication Studies at Vineet Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.

2009 - Established Maharana Pratap College for Women at Bithoor Road, Kanpur.

2010 - Established Maharana Pratap College for Vocational Studies, Mandhana, Kanpur.


Dear Students, Parents and Staff, I welcome you all to our new growing sapling to have lovely flowers at 'ADRIEL HIGH SCHOOL'. every child is intrinsically talented but only a few succeed in giving expression to their latent potentialities. Here we have different co-curricular activities to nurture and enrich the talent of all the students to make them grow into a complete human being ready to face the challenges. The school aims at bringing students to work with excellence not as a matter of meeting targets but as a matter of habit which they inculcate throughout their lives. We rigorously aim to polish all abilities to shine considering all kids to be special in some or the other way. Adriel High School, in other words means creating an urge to learn and not telling them to learn purposely. I strongly believe that all Parents who are with us or will be with us in near future will find us always there to stand along with the way they want their child to grow. The school promises a fine blend of education. On behalf of my staff I commit, that your ward will walk out as a well groomed individual with a nourished spirit... a fine human being....God"s Best Creation. God Bless! 


The mission of the Adriel High School is to inspire in our students a lifelong love of learning and pursuit of academic excellence, to promote understanding of and respect for the diversity that makes our society strong, and to encourage constructive and responsible, global citizenship.

The School nurtures the development of the whole child through a program that seeks:

» to develop intellectual abilities such as scholarship and disciplined, critical thinking;

» to foster in each student integrity, ethical behavior, compassion, and a sense of humor;

» to promote responsibility and leadership, an appreciation of individual and cultural differences, and a respect for the opinions of others;

» to nurture aesthetic abilities such as creativity, imagination, musical, and visual talent; and

» to encourage joyful, healthy living, a love of nature, and physical fitness.

All members of the Adriel High School strive to create an educational environment that reflects the School's core values of academic excellence, diversity, and citizenship, one in which each student can thrive. We believe that a program based on these core values will prepare our students to be effective global citizens as they face and embrace the challenges and opportunities of the future.